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Lady in Black Craig Lynn Clyde

Lady in Black

Craig Lynn Clyde

Published March 10th 2003
ISBN : 9780595744060
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 About the Book 

Detective Jake Samuels has a problem -- a beautiful assassin is murdering Seattles elite. Someone has gone over the edge, and its not just her looks that kill. And no one can even come up with a motive. The pattern is always the same: A mysterious phone call, a seductive encounter, passionate sex and...murder. Samuels, quite by accident, gets caught up in the hunt to track down this seductive assassin and soon his own life is on the line. Now theres only one way to expose the truth, get close to this gorgeous murderer. Close enough to feel her heat. Close enough to risk his life. Close enough to dance with death in her arms. He finds that between the past and the present lies a terrifying truth. Because in murder, as in life, the difference between truth and deception is what a man allows himself to believe. But first...he has to dance with the Lady in Black.