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Varda Leymore

Kindle Edition
630 pages
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 About the Book 

A true story about courage, endurance, death and survival during some of the darkest periods of the first half of the 20th Century.Four brothers struggle to survive the Great Depression, the Russian invasion and the German occupation of Poland during the Second World War. Arthur sees the writing on the wall and escapes to London. He reinvents himself as a fashion designer and his daughter becomes a ballerina at Covent Garden. Joshua and Azriel are imprisoned, accused of social offences. Their families are exiled to a forced labour camp in Kazakhstan and put to work in the coal mines. Their sons are conscripted and become slaves in the Trud Army, the little sung little known army of labourers, who built the vast infrastructure vital to the success of the Red Army. The eldest brother, Moses, escapes deportation. He becomes a fugitive on the run and a silent witness to the horrors of the German occupation. Fearing imminent death, he records everything in letters which, incredibly, surfaced fourteen years after the war had ended and were the inspiration behind this book. Moses himself did not survive. Allegedly, he committed suicide. In fact, he was killed and his murder was covered up for fifty years. Above all, this is a story about survival and the indomitable spirit of man.